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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  October 17, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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show down is brewing between two of the statest top democrats, governor o'malley, released his plan to redraw congressional districts but donna edwards is splitting with the governor and went public with her objections at a hearing today. tom fitzgerald live at the maryland state house annapolis what are edwards concerns? >> reporter: well, brian, officially her main concern is this map proposed by governor o'malley would damage minority voting rights in maryland when you look at it politically this would stand to take a lot of minority voters out of edward's district. maryland governor o'malley says redrawing congressional districts comes with built in disagreements. >> it is always very disruptive for incumbent elected officials. >> at the state house governor proposed to redraw boundaries that make up maryland's 8 districts. >> we have put forward a map as
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balanced and as fair as we could make it. >> but the plan to remove montgomery county from the 4th district is drawing fire from its current democratic congress woman, donna edwards. >> we shouldn't draw conclusions because we just believe them. >> removing montgomery county from the 4th district would allow it to be put into the 6th district, injecting more minority voters into the district. edwards has drown up her own map at that keeps more of -- drawn up her own map that keeps more of her district in tact. >> that may be satisfactory for certain other situations but may not satisfy the interest of people who live in those countycommunities. joint legislative committee the executives of both prince georges and montgomery county supported the governor's plan >> i commend the governor and commission for what they have
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done. >> those in opposition to the maps that have been drawn, four simple words, give me your map. >> public advocates are siding with edwards saying spreading out minority voters would weaken their influence. >> maryland's governor and legislator should assess responsibility for their role creating a dysfunctional congress and accept the proposition that just because you can create such boundaries does not mean you should. well, at this point it seems governor o'malley is the one with the upper hand in this dispute with congress woman edwards the reason being brian this bipartisan commission he put into place, to draw up these new lines, include democratic and republican leadership. president obama back on the road the day, pushing his jobs creation bill. the president is on a 3 day bus tour through north carolina and virginia this morning he stopped in ashville.
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he once again asked congress to pass his $450 billion proposal, the same one senate rejected last week. he slammed republican ideas for jobs creation saying they will hurt ordinary americans. >> they want to gut regulation, they want to let wall street do whatever it wants they want to drill more, and they want to repeal health care reform. republicans denounced his bus trip saying it is a taxpayer funded campaign trip. cornell west is out of jail, prosecutors agreed not to charge west after he was arrested yesterday at the supreme court he spent the night behind bars among 19 protestors taken into custody after police told them to leave the group, october 2011 stop the machine organized the demonstration, to protest corporate influence in politics. vincente grey once again facing questions about his
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mayoral run last year. federal prosecutors are moving forward with their probe into allegations the grey campaign offered brown a job and cash for verbal attacks he made on former mayor adrian fente. matt. >> reporter: hey, brian, fox 5 sources confirming what was reported over the weekend in washington post fingerprints were taken from brown and brooks. brown claims brooks who worked on the grey campaign, paid him off with cash, stuffed inside envelopes. sources tell fox 5, peyton son his son has been offered immunity for his cooperation with the grand jury probe you will remember howard brooks refused to testify in front of a special city council committee earlier this year today we smoke to the chair of that -- spoke to the chair of that committee. so i think what comes out of this will depend in large
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part what they conclude about mr. howard brooks role the thing we were finding he seemed to be a player in money paid to brown and you know, the funny documentation of some of these payments, so i think that if they are going in that direction they are probably going much further than we were able to go because of the amended privilege. >> it is important to tell you we did reach out to mayor grey for an on camera interview but were told his schedule was too packed this afternoon his communications department said they would send a written statement instead but so far nothing. developing story for police in montgomery county they resumed their search through wooded areas, damascus and along i-70 for missing 11-year- old william mclane his mother was found murdered inside her apartment in german town last week her husband appeared in a north carolina court room
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charged with the murder today. paul what do you know. >> reporter: well, brian, curtis lopez appeared in court in charlotte north carolina today where he waived extradition back to maryland he is expected back here perhaps this week where he will face first degree murder charges. now, lopez is refusing to work with the police in this case, he hired an attorney, he is not talking to the police and not giving them any indication or information about what may have happened to william. today, the police searched again, right here in montgomery county for the little boy. montgomery county police fanned out in fields and wooded areas, adjacent to i-270 in clarks burg searching for anything that will lead them to 11-year-old william mcclean hay began the day near a creek bad in damascus where he spent some time with friends and finished in an abandoned wooded area. they would not say why they
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were searching around come sat other than it is based on leads and not random. in damascus they searched the wooded area after learning, curtis lopez recently had been in the area. kenny ferno said he drew police a map of the area where lopez had gone with william and other kids from the neighbourhood. just breaks my heart my son is tore up about it too, you know, they grew up together you know for the last 5 or 6 years, so i just hope they find him alive and not in the woods you know. >> earlier today, there was some documents released publicly in north carolina, with a search warrant affidavit and search warrant returned with items discovered, we learned today jane mcclean was stabbed to death when she was found in her apartment on wednesday. inside an econo lodge they found one of her credit cards
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and a boxcutter,. startling revelation as the search continues for a missing baby. you did not check on her before you went to bed at 10:30 p.m. >> yeah, but there is no way anyone could get in. >> wait until you hear what the girl's mother was doing the night she disappeared. >> we managed to string together three beautiful days here a little breezy saturday, storm clouds will gather when we expect to get rain back in the forecast. speaking of gathering clouds, you are out at red skins park they have a lot to talk about too. >> absolutely cloudy forecasting for the quarterback scenario rex gross man and john beck now who is going to start this week at carolina, i will tell you who, plus hear bag versus schwartz niners and lions as news edge at 6 continues 
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the gaithersburg man presumed in the death of his
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traveling partner will remain jailed in aruba. a judge turned down his request to be free. they don't want to free him while they are still investigating. he claims gardener was swept out to sea knockling. debra bradly told fox news anchor megan kelly she was drunk the night of her daughters disappearence they sat down with fox news this morning. >> jeremy what is your reaction to hearing this back and forth about debra drinking and being drunk and not -- and blacking out and not remembering everything that happened the night that i will is a disappeared? >> -- lisa disappeared? >> i don't really have much of a reaction i mean, regardless of what -- how much she was drinking or if she was drunk or if she supposedly blacked out or whatever, it doesn't change who you are and what you do.
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lisa irwin disappeared two weeks ago so far police have no suspectno leads in the 10 month old's disappearence. >> find out how sesame street's youtube page got turned upside down plus. >> cupcake craze crosses the river. i will show you how one new business is helping change a community one sweet treat at a time. pgh >> at first glance, this looks like a picture of a woman in her 20s next to her grandmother would you believe this is the same person in these pictures, taken just days apart. a 26-year-old vietnamese woman said she began aging rapidly in 2008 she believes the condition was brought on by a reaction to seafood. despite her change in appearance, the woman's husband said his love for her has not faded.
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>> there is a renaissance happening and cupcakes are paying for the way a couple and their daughters opened up the first cupcake business in anacostia hoping it leads to years of success. >> reporter: it is hard to miss the purple row house on busy minnesota avenue in southeast. >> good morning. hi. how can i help you today. >> reporter: even harder to resist the sweet treats baking up inside olivia's cupcakes. >> this will be a great dessert. >> reporter: they opened the business about a month ago. >> my wife and i both grew up in anacostia, we saw you know, the ups and downs,. >> i thought why not why can't we have the same quality and class of business in our ward 8
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that other washingtonians are offered and privileged with. >> reporter: so the couple along with their two college aged daughters, christina olivia, and alexis royale brought it to anacostia, investing in the often neglected community. >> i am glad it is in southeast, glad it is in southeast. >> reporter: cupcakes are cindy's own recipe she learned to cook and bake from her mother, perfecting her treats in years as a home maker she starts baking 2:00 a.m. every morning. >> strawberry short cake, vanilla. >> reporter: turning out 14 flavours every day, at $2 a treat it has been a welcome hit but that is not all. >> this here is ource. >> reporter: a bright and cheery place for young girls to live out their princess fantasy. >> here is where they do little mamis and pedis. tearooms for parties where dressing up is encouraged.
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they hire teens from the community to help with the event. >> i feel we are deserving in this community as any other community. >> reporter: and while it may just be cupcakes and a princess themed party space many says the helping change the face of the southeast community a community coming into its own, one sweet treat at a time. >> it has been a long time over due. we are here to stay. fox 5 news. best of luck there are a lot of ways to quit your job you may not want to do it this way today's viral video. >> i am quitting. >> one, two, three, four. ♪ [ music ] >> guy named joy wee, enlisted some help from band mates to make his memorable exit from a providence hotel details and reason for the resignation, former boss' post concert
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reaction. pretty hilarious. >> good luck getting hired joey. >> it is called burning bridges. >> oh, boy everybody saw that video. >> another beautiful day tomorrow. >> clouds will start to thicken we have clouds around this morning tomorrow morning more clouds again and probably end the day with thicker clouds in between i think we catch a few glimpses of sunshine and boy this is a pretty beginning of sunset out here, as days start getting shorter, don't worry we have a few more weeks until standard time begins, falling back, november 6th, enjoy this while you can enjoy a dry day tomorrow, wednesday looks anything but dry. early morning clouds, sink on down to the south as the frontal system passed on by. sunshine this afternoon, very nice we continue to find clear skies down across the southeast, we are beginning to find moisture gathering and i know the national hurricane center has been keeping an eye on the gulf of mexico and some
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of this moisture, so far we have not found any close circulation that would say this is a tropical system and it will be on the move coming up the coast tomorrow night and wednesday. for tonight, just some clouds, low 50s in the suburbs, 57 degrees in the district, winds out of the northwest, tomorrow mix of clouds. we should get up to 72 degrees, not a bad tuesday, maybe not as brilliantly sunny as some would like it but it will be dry and it will be a mild day we search out sunshine high clouds, 9:00 a.m., 57 by noon 68 degrees and by 4:00 p.m., 72 with clouds here and there but those thicker clouds h hold off we will consult a future cast to give you an idea when you can expect rain to come rolling back into town it has been convenient, middle of the week so far. tuesday morning your commute should be dry continue to watch this moisture, the clouds arrive for the evening commute and by wednesday morning, we've got rain in the forecast, now,
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you can clearly see that heaviest rain and oranges, reds, yellows, east of dc kind of following the path, forward the i-95 corridor and then on the other side of it as this continues through the day, looks like that will be the focus of heavier rain, by 10:00 p.m. at night, we are watching an extra piece of moisture rotating, heavier downpours with it, bottom line this could be a decent rain maker can't even rule out a thunderstorm wednesday but looks like we will get it out of here for thursday and thursday will be rather a bluesery day how much rain -- blustery day how much rain are we talking about? coastal areas, 2 to 4 inches for dc we split the difference riding that line where we may have some premoderate rain if you had flash flooding last few weeks you may need to pay attention but we are concerned this doesn't move much heads up we will continue to watch it looking at anything from a half inch to 2 inches of rain for
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the metro area. meanwhile today, not bad at all getting up to near 70 degrees, real close to that again tomorrow here is your 5 day forecast how about 72 tomorrow, enjoy those temperatures too, wednesday is our rainy day maybe some thunderstorms temperature of 68 degrees real deep tropical moisture we will be watching heavy rain for some areas, breezy, cooler thursday, what a nice trend brighter skies for friday and saturday each time one of these fronts go through we get cooler. >> how do you like them apples. >> that does feel good who is counting three weeks in a row. not what you expect to see on sesame street hackers broke into the show's youtube channel and replaced clips with x rated material they took the channel down when they found out. it usually carries new and old clips from the popular show but it is back up and running now. red skins not only lost the game to the eagles but lost key players to significant injuries
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how much time could they miss. dave feldman next with sports. >> meet the oldest runner to complete a marathon, this 100- year-old man earned a spot in toronto. took him more than 8 hours to cross the finish line his 8th he ran his first at the ripe old age of 89
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i am dave feldman live at red skins park. the red skins lose to eagles no longer in first place and there is a quarterback controversy between rex grossman and john beck. mike shanahan says he will wait until wednesday until he announces who will start sunday at the carolina panthers, rex grossman statistically his worst game as a red skin completed nine of 22 passes, four interceptions, now nine interceptions, two lost fumbles
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offence went 0 for 7, third and down with rex at qv. john beck came in 4th quarter, first regular season game since december 07 lead the team to its only touchdown 2013 loss to phillys, players still backing rex grossman? >> yes, it is his decision but we got to make better plays for him but won't have to deal with it. >> i don't have any bad things to stay about rex he is a leader and he accomplishes. >> yesterday the injuries hit the red skins good. corey suffered an acl and mcl injury to his right knee. he is lost for the rest of the season expected to have surgery. trent williams, left with a high ankle sprain he will miss a minimum of two weeks, and tight end chris coolly, fractured the index finger on his left hand and will under go
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surgery on wednesday today the head coach was asked how long coolly will be out. >> i think after the surgery, i got to get some more opinions on his knee you know he did rest it and it did swell up again eventually what doctors think you know where the finger with the knee, exactly where he will be at, so we will listen to opinions over the next new days after -- few days after the surgery. >> sunday 1:00 p.m. on fox red skins travel to carolina to take on the 1 and 5 panthers and cam newton averages over 300-yards passing per game the big story yesterday in nfl involves lions and 49ers. jim harbaugh, jim schwartz, niners won, 25-19 but everyone talking about the post game hand shake harbaugh came in hot and slapped schwartz on the back, he took exception, chased down harbaugh was restrained by anthony davis. all the players got involved as
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well as niners pr stef the two were separated and -- separated and jim harbaugh said this. >> i was revved up it is totally on me i really went in with a strong you know slap grab hand shake kind of like same as i have been doing with con stanza and a few of the other guys that was on me. >> and it is a shame that happened because it takes away from jim harbaugh doing the best job in the nfl right now, brian you and i are from the bay area they are 5 and 1, 1st place, nfc west and went to palo alto high school. >> deserves a high and hard hand shake after all those years in the bay area. now you have the news edge
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